I need some good news.

Challenging day in the classroom today, and from there I went to Mrs. K’s house, where she had the news on. I got to see it twice, in a fashion, because her closed-captioning is about 5 seconds behind the broadcast. Anyway, it was a depressing news day, and by the time “Wheel of Fortune” came on, I was feeling generally unimpressed with human beings, and particularly Americans.

“A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky dangerous animals and you know it.” — Tommy Lee Jones as Kay in “Men in Black”

You’ve got one comment to give me some good news, something that will restore my faith in the human race. Ready . . . begin.



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8 responses to “I need some good news.

  1. Papizilla

    Good luck with restoring hope in Humans. I’m pretty much done with my fellow man myself. The sheer amount of (insert derogatory term here) is mind boggling. Try ignoring the news for a few days. Or you could try watching this funny Goat video I found. Here is the link.

  2. Anne Bonney

    I gave up on watching the news some time ago. If you are looking for a balance or anything uplifting, it will not be shown in the “film at 11.” That is not the intention of the broadcast media.
    Look to your friends, look inside yourself, for the calm and the strength and the support to get through the challenging times.
    I’m pulling for you – for us all.

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