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Meditation on Work-Life Balance

Disclaimer: I realize that creating and maintaining a work-life balance is a “First World problem” and that many people in the United States and worldwide are struggling just to survive. Preacher, choir.

I’m enjoying my more relaxed summer schedule. I’m making enough money to cover basic needs, and I have time to do freelance work, go to the gym, swim in my apartment complex’s pool, and see and talk to friends and family. Now I’ve been asked to take on a new home care client, and I’m trying to decide what I should do.

Pro: I could use the money.

Con: Working too many hours is part of the reason I started feeling burned out and stressed. I managed to sabotage a potential relationship and play havoc with my mental health.

Pro: I’ve developed a reputation for being reliable and coming through in the clutch.

Con: I start my new job soon and need time for that.

Pro: Sometimes during my free time, I feel at loose ends.

Con: I may decide to return to school in the not-too-distant future.

Con: I can’t work with this client every day anyway because of my other clients. Many seniors dislike change and like to have the same person or few people there all the time.

I’m procrastinating making a decision by writing this blog post, going to lunch with one of my best friends, and going to the gym.


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Retail rant

OK, so I got a seasonal retail gig working in a toy store to supplement my jobs. It’s a lot of fun; how many workplaces let you play with toys all day? But there are some things that irritate me.

1. Yes, we encourage kids to play with the toys. Please remind any children with you that this is a place of business, not their playroom. Do not let them take over floor space with the toys or leave them where someone can trip over them. Do not let them put things in their mouths.

2. We are not babysitters. Please keep at least one eye on your child while you shop.

3. If your toddler needs a diaper change, please go take care of that, THEN finish your shopping. (This happened today. I could smell the child four feet away, and I have a cold at the moment.)

4. Put your phone away while I’m checking you out.

5. Hand your money or credit card to me. Do not leave it on the counter for me to pick up. (When did this become acceptable?)

6. Yes, we offer complimentary gift wrapping. Feel free to take advantage of it when the store is NOT crowded.  (Sidebar: I am the world’s worst gift-wrapper, even when not handicapped by the cats.)

7. Do not give me a vague description of what you’re looking for and then seem offended when I have no idea what you’re talking about.

8. Do not ask for something you “saw on TV” without giving me a product name. I realize each commercial kills 1,000 brain cells, but surely you still have enough to take notes.

9. Do not joke, “I guess it’s free!” if you don’t see a price tag on something.

I’m fortunate to have a great manager and good coworkers, and most of our customers are nice, but some behaviors just annoy me.




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