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Sappy Cat Blogging – Double Feature

Cats reacting to and dancing to “Gangnam Style” by Korean pop artist Psy:

Bonus since I missed last week:

The Most Intelligent Beings


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That was fun.

Today, I guest-taught art at a high school for students with learning differences. While the students worked on caricatures and 3-D sculptures, we also talked about President Obama, Mitt Romney, Douglas Adams, music, horses, travel, and hot peppers. While I hope the regular teacher’s son is feeling much better, I also hope I get to come back at some point, if not to that class, then to another.


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Tuesday musings – 11/27/2012

I’m a bad blogger. I’ve not only neglected my own blog, I’ve also gotten behind on the blogs I follow. I’m working to change that.

In the meantime:

“Far and away the best prize that life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.” — Theodore Roosevelt

“Work is love made visible.” — Khalil Gibran

“To find joy in work is to discover the fountain of youth.” — Pearl S. Buck


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Happy Thanksgiving!

I wanted to post “In All Things Give Thanks,” as performed by Freddie Fender, but I can’t find it on YouTube or anywhere else, except for a Tex-Mex Christmas album I listen to every year. If anyone can find it, I’d be grateful.

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Sappy Cat Blogging

I love this vintage Meow Mix commercial:

and this vintage Friskies Kitten commercial reminds me of Little Trouble:

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What do you mean, “She don’t eat no meat”?

Earlier this week, I accompanied my client Mrs. A (not her real initial) to lunch at the local senior center. The special of the day was roast chicken, which was pretty but turned out to be too dry for Mrs. A’s taste. I ended up boxing it up and taking it home. Mrs. A insisted that either her evening caregiver or I needed to take it home with us. Technically, we’re not allowed to eat a client’s food, but our boss has told us that we’re also not to argue with a client who requests that we take food, for example, if it’s something the client doesn’t like and is never going to eat.

Mrs. A asked me first. “RG, you’re taking the chicken home with you.”

Me: “Thank you for offering, Mrs. A, but I don’t eat meat.”

Mrs. A: [Gives me a look like I’ve just told her that I’m an alien writing my doctoral thesis on geriatric female humans]

My relief: “Well, some people don’t like meat . . .”

Mrs. A: [Still looking completely dumbfounded. ]

Mrs. A has turkey bacon every morning for breakfast (she prefers the real stuff but is under doctor’s orders to limit salt) and has a salad with lunch meat every day for either lunch or dinner. I knew explaining that I’m vegetarian was going to be an exhausting conversation.

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Made my day.

This afternoon, I was at an elementary school substituting for a music teacher. I arrived shortly before recess, and as I was walking to the music room, a youngster in the hall turned around, looked up at me, and said, “You’re pretty.” That was really sweet, especially since today I wore makeup (which I rarely do) and took particular care in choosing my clothes. That little guy made my day.

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