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Happy 100th Post to me!

It’s appropriate that I should reach the 100 post milestone now, since many schools where I teach celebrated the 100th day of school this week or last week. So, I’m having a little blog party, and you all are invited!


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You might be an eSchooler if . . .

This Top 10 list courtesy of one of my best friends and her eSchooled teenagers.

10. Your classroom is 1/2” thick and 18” wide.

9. You know what “CC,” “f2f,” “kmail,” and “brick and mortar” mean.

8. You have a ton of friends but have never met them. (You don’t even know what your best friend or boy/girlfriend looks like!)

7. Your school uniform is your pajamas.

6. You have more Tech days than brick and mortar students have snow days.

5. You completed last week’s assignment and next week’s assignment in one day.

4. Recess means getting on Facebook, Xbox Live, or Skype.

3. You tell people you have a Prom, and they ask, “Oh, you dance online?”

2. Your teacher won’t get on the webcam at CC’s because she didn’t put on her make-up.

1. Squirrel hunting is how you get PE points.


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Think before you post

I had a few hours off this afternoon (change in shifts) and needed to get warm after walking dogs this morning (it’s been in the 20s, with wind chill in the teens or single digits), so I went to the library and got online. I found an article my Mom might find interesting, so I posted it to her Facebook wall, and I checked in on some groups and some of my favorite people. One of my friends posted an interesting graphic about protein in vegetables, and since I’m a vegetarian, I decided to share it. Unfortunately, I did not check my facts before posting, and one of my college classmates, who happens to have a medical and scientific background, pointed out that it was inaccurate due to the fact that protein is measured as dry weight and vegetables tend to be mostly water. I took his word for it and took the graphic down, but not before I saw two of my friends, who’ve never met and are separated by an ocean and several thousand miles, get into an argument. I know I said in “The List of Awesome” that I like watching my Facebook friends interact, but I dislike name-calling and ignorant behavior. I’m too old to start a fight just for the sake of watching the fireworks, and I deal with enough real drama not to want it in my non-work life.

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