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Tuesday musings – 1/29/13

“I like narrative storytelling as being part of a tradition, a folk tradition.” — Bruce Springsteen

“If history were taught in the form of stories, it would never be forgotten.” — Rudyard Kipling

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Scribble Scrabble

Today, I was playing Scrabble with Granny P, one of my clients. This is the same client who taught me to play pinochle, with the help of her two younger sisters. The first time we played Scrabble, Granny P beat me 310 to 170. I told her today that I wanted a rematch.

Boy did I get one. She beat me 404 to 182.

This is potentially demoralizing for someone with a very expensive English degree. Fortunately, I have a theory that success in Scrabble requires equal parts vocabulary skills, visual-spatial intelligence, and luck. I have the first one nailed, the last two not so much.

The important thing is that we had fun.



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The gifts of teaching

How cool is it that I have art on my refrigerator from kids to whom I’m not related? Here’s the latest acquisition, courtesy of a fifth-grader whose language arts class I guest-taught this week.

SprintPhoto_bx4rt5 SprintPhoto_b040s5

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You know, I never thought about this before . . .

I wonder what some of the books I read in college would think about the notes I left inside them?

One of my besties sent me this, and I thought this would be an appropriate place to share it:,31007/


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Happy Anniversary!

Happy 72nd (that is NOT a typo) anniversary to my wonderful grandparents!

P.S. They don’t read my blog, so I’m telling them in person this weekend.


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Sappy Cat Blogging – 1/25/13

Many thanks to Anne Bonney for this one:

More cats in commercials:

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Not a promising start to the day. Woke up from a bad dream to find out I’d overslept and had 20 minutes to get ready if I wanted to get to this morning’s assignment on time. Got there and got classroom keys stuck in the keyhole. Lesson plans were late; a secretary finally brought them in 15 minutes into the period. One student refused to do the assignment because, “This is the second time I’m taking this class, and I’m still failing.” Another told me I was “rude” when I told her (firmly) to take out her earbuds, get her geometry book, and start working on the assignment. Went to get keys out of the keyhole to find them gone.

Right now, relaxing with a cafe con leche and hoping for the best for the afternoon and evening.





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Tuesday musings – 1/22/13

In the spirit of last Tuesday’s post:


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Inauguration Day and MLK Day Thoughts

“Human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable… Every step toward the goal of justice requires sacrifice, suffering, and struggle; the tireless exertions and passionate concern of dedicated individuals.” – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

“It took a lot of blood, sweat and tears to get to where we are today, but we have just begun. Today we begin in earnest the work of making sure that the world we leave our children is just a little bit better than the one we inhabit today.” – President Barack H. Obama

Edited because I wasn’t looking closely enough at the clip I posted yesterday. Our national anthem is hard to sing, and Beyonce knocked it out of the park. No way that she lip-synced.



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