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Sappy Cat Blogging – 6/28/2013 – Special Double Feature

Because these were just too funny not to share:

Cat Friend vs. Dog Friend

Cat Friend vs. Dog Friend, Part 2


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Sappy Cat Blogging – 6/28/2013

Is this a cute story or what?

Mother cat nurses orphaned pit bull puppy alongside her litter.

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New Feature – Transcendental Thursday

Since I have features on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, why not add a feature for Thursday too?

Thursdays, I will be featuring spiritual things: readings, poetry, or music. I invite you to do the same in the comments.

Here, two versions of one of my favorite hymns, one traditional, one more unconventional. “Amazing Grace”:

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Earworm Wednesday – 6/26/2013

This is technically my car’s earworm. My car stereo displays the title and artist of each song as it plays, and since yesterday, it’s been stuck on this song. I happen to like it too, so here you go.

30 Seconds to Mars, “Up in the Air”:

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Tempus fugit.

I just reserved a ticket for my 2oth high school reunion.

That is all.


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Tuesday Musings – 6/25/2013

“Climate is what we expect, weather is what we get.” — Mark Twain

I’m typing this in the middle of a thunderstorm that will probably cool things down  considerably from the 90-degree weather we’ve been having.

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Sappy Cat Blogging – 6/20/2013

It’s five years old, but it’s still funny.

An Engineer’s Guide to Cats

Yes, I know I’m a day early. Such was my enthusiasm (plus I’m working 10 hours tomorrow, and my computer is down at the moment. Ergo, the timing of my posts depends on public library hours.


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