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Transcendental Thursday – 7/11/2013

I saw this at my local supermarket on Monday night.



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Magnanimous Monday – 7/8/2013

I stopped at my bank earlier this afternoon to use the ATM. I needed quarters, so I went into the bank with my cash and requested a few dollars’ worth. The tellers at my local bank branch are always friendly, but the one who helped me, said, after she gave me my change, “Enjoy your summer.”

I couldn’t help but smile, and replied, “So far so good. You too.”


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New Feature – Magnanimous Monday

What the heck, a feature for Mondays too. I will be featuring random acts of kindness I have experienced, and I encourage my readers to share random acts of kindness in the comments. It can be something you did, or something someone else has done for you.

I’ll start. I was with my client Mrs. T this morning when the home care social worker stopped by. The social worker asked a few questions about how things were going, and Mrs. T mentioned (among other things) that her husband felt safe leaving her alone with me. Now Mr. T is difficult to please and (I think) suffering from caregiver burnout, so a compliment from him is high praise indeed, even if he wasn’t the one to relay it, and even if he calls me “The Big One” behind my back because he can’t always recall my name.

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