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Sappy Cat Blogging – 7/19/2013

Check out this article on cats in art.

This site has beautiful cat paintings.

Article from The New York Times Magazine about a cat-themed art show.

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Sappy Cat (and more) Blogging – 4/12/13

No animals were harmed (or even embarrassed) in the creation of this slideshow.

“Zoo Portraits” – Yago Partal

Yes, there are cats in this gallery (images 24 and 25).

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The gifts of teaching

How cool is it that I have art on my refrigerator from kids to whom I’m not related? Here’s the latest acquisition, courtesy of a fifth-grader whose language arts class I guest-taught this week.

SprintPhoto_bx4rt5 SprintPhoto_b040s5


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That was fun.

Today, I guest-taught art at a high school for students with learning differences. While the students worked on caricatures and 3-D sculptures, we also talked about President Obama, Mitt Romney, Douglas Adams, music, horses, travel, and hot peppers. While I hope the regular teacher’s son is feeling much better, I also hope I get to come back at some point, if not to that class, then to another.


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