I am part of the WordPress family.

One of my new followers, Shaun at Looking for reasoning to a complicated world, started this award and nominated me. Thank you, Shaun. I am touched.


It’s hard to choose just ten followers to nominate, but I’ve managed to do so. If you weren’t nominated, it doesn’t mean I don’t love your blog. It just means I ran out of space!

The War in My Brain

Gunsmoke and Knitting


365 Daybook


A Way With Words

Joe and Dot

Bucket List Publications

The Ranting Papizilla

Prego and the Loon



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6 responses to “I am part of the WordPress family.

  1. Thanks for the nomination…. much appreciated! Regards from our traveling WordPress family! 😮

  2. Thank you for the nomination! I like reading your blog too!

  3. I appreciate the inclusion into your WordPress family. I will try my best not to be the Uncle nobody wants to get near at holiday gatherings.

  4. Anne Bonney

    Thank you! I appreciate the honor – and your postings!

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