Sappy Cat Blogging – 6/20/2013

It’s five years old, but it’s still funny.

An Engineer’s Guide to Cats

Yes, I know I’m a day early. Such was my enthusiasm (plus I’m working 10 hours tomorrow, and my computer is down at the moment. Ergo, the timing of my posts depends on public library hours.



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5 responses to “Sappy Cat Blogging – 6/20/2013

  1. They need to keep the libraries open 24 hours to better accommodate bloggers and insomniacs! 🙂

  2. Very interesting post. I always enjoy reading post that are both thought provoking and humorous (the article was both). If you don’t mind, could you check out my blog? Over at, we try to mix humor with a variety of other categories. I hope this doesn’t sound like spam (it is so hard to ask for feedback without it sounding like spam!), but I would really appreciate your opinion on the blog. I hope I haven’t wasted too much of your time, but I really enjoyed this post and just wanted to let you know!

    (Posted by Jim)

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