Tuesday Musings – Mardi Gras Style

“How cool is it that we can get paczki [Polish jelly doughnuts; recipe is here if you’re feeling ambitious] in an Italian bakery? Only in America.” – Renaissance Girl

Alas, they were sold out. C’est la vie.


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2 responses to “Tuesday Musings – Mardi Gras Style

  1. Papizilla

    I saw these on the news. Are they chocolate, with chocolate filling and chocolate frosting? Because then I would be all over them…… 🙂

    • They’re plain yeast dough, with powdered sugar. Usually the filling is fruit, though I have seen them with chocolate and vanilla cream filling or custard. Popular fillings around here are lemon, raspberry, blueberry, and apricot. There are even (I kid you not) prune-filled paczki.

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