God can’t be taken out of schools

American “Family” Association Director of Issues Analysis Bryan Fischer and Fox News commentator Mike Huckabee are using yesterday’s events to further their theocratic, ultra-conservative agenda, saying that God let the shooting happen because He’s not allowed in the schools. Reprehensible, blasphemous, and patently FALSE.


First, private prayer and student-led religious activity are both permitted in public schools. Only teacher-led prayers are forbidden.

Second and more importantly, an omnipresent, omnipotent Supreme Being simply cannot be chased out of a public school or anywhere else. God is in public schools. He’s with the frightened five-year-old on the first day of kindergarten. He’s with the second-grader who has dyslexia and gets nervous every time there’s a spelling test. He’s with the fifth-grader who was up half the night listening to his parents fight and wonders if they’ll be getting a divorce. He’s with the ninth grader who wants to know if her boyfriend will still like her if she doesn’t have sex with him, and with her twin sister who’s coming out of the closet. He’s with the senior who’s trying to balance a demanding class load, a part-time job, school activities, responsibilities at home, and preparation for college. He’s certainly been in the classroom with me, on both good days and challenging ones.


And he was with every single one of the children and adults who lost their lives yesterday. I even think He had some very strong words with the shooter, asking what made him hurt so much that he did what he did, then explaining that he has to atone and make restitution before he can come home.


I realize this post may have made some people uncomfortable, but this is what I believe, and I will not apologize for it.



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3 responses to “God can’t be taken out of schools

  1. I agree with you except I don’t think the shooter will have a chance to atone and make restitution to come home. To do such a thing, he couldn’t have known Christ. Christ died for even such grievous offences as his, but I’m assuming that the shooter didn’t have repentance over what he did. We can’t atone for even our smallest offences let alone what this man did.

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