Tuesday musings — 12/11/2012

Only two X chromosomes could account for the creation of pomander balls by thousands of women who otherwise seem not to suffer from any grievous psychological ailment . . . .If you told a boy he had to make a gift for someone he loved out of rotting fruit, hairpins, and cheesecloth, he might find the concept intriguing—think of the possibilities in terms of making a mess, after all—but when he discovered that the process involved the systematic implantation of hundreds of cloves, he would plead his case to Child Protective Services.” – Gina Barreca


I will be baking cookies and making assorted goodies for my parents’ Christmas present (I’ll post recipes later), and I painted Christmas ornaments to sell at our church’s cookie walk/craft sale, but that is where my creativity ends. No Santa outfits or jingle bell collars for the cats. No stringing popcorn and cranberries for the tree (if I put the tree up; Little Trouble gets airborne sometimes, and I have ornaments that are 50+ years old and came on the boat from Europe with my maternal grandmother). No handmade cards for my entire Christmas list, including people I haven’t seen in years.


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