Natural selection

This morning, I worked as an inclusion teacher in an eighth-grade science class where the classroom teacher was talking about evolution and natural selection. Understanding Evolution ( defines natural selection as Differential survival or reproduction of different genotypes in a population leading to changes in the gene frequencies of a population. The conditions required for the operation of evolution by natural selection include variation, a system of heredity, differential reproduction, and time.”

I wonder how adaptable I am. I’ve been told I think well on my feet and am able to rise the occasion. I’ve also been accused (in some cases, rightfully) of being inflexible, stubborn, and intolerant. I’m savvy with computers but prefer books. I prefer to talk rather than text. I get impatient with social media sometimes and mostly use it as just another vehicle to facilitate other forms of communication. I’m all for using technology in education but don’t think it can replace reading, writing, and math skills, or more importantly, critical thinking and interpersonal skills. I’m glad to see library time given equal priority with computer time in many of the schools where I substitute teach. I made sure Big Sister and Little One spent time outside (even if it was early in the morning on the beastly hot days we had this summer), played board games, and read books made from real paper. I limited their TV time as well.

You could say I’m a bit old-school. I don’t see this as a bad thing. In any activity, there needs to be a balance of effective innovations and traditions that are still relevant. 


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