In which I briefly turn into Sister Mary Whatsis

Thursday, I came up with a variation on the “There are starving children in _________” lecture we got in my Catholic grade school if we threw away any of our lunch. A seventh-grade girl was insisting she didn’t know how to do the assignment that the teacher left, after instructions left on the board and my explaining the assignment twice. In my irritation, I said, “Do you know there are parts of the world where girls aren’t allowed to go to school? Be grateful for what you have.”

That was probably unkind of me, and I did amend my error by explaining the assignment once again. I just have very little patience with girls who feel that they have to act helpless and dumb. I probably tried it at her age, and it didn’t work out well. I know I tried it as an adult, and it didn’t work out well for me then, either.


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